Fine Art Photography


These are some of my favorite photos. If you have read my Four Letter F Word project, you know that I am passionate bout film photography. When you purchase one of my fine art film photographs, I will make a donation of one (1) film camera to the Film Photography Project to help support film photography. 

These photos have been captured on film. I develop most rolls myself and then scan them into the computer. Once I have scanned a negative, the process to create the end photo continues with basic adjustments such as dust removal and contrast adjustments similar to what the photographic legends did so many years ago. 

Each photo is then printed in a state of the art lab and hand inspected by me to ensure the artistic expectations are correct when delivered to you. The product you receive will be ready for display. 

Why Square?

These photos are not cropped. They were shot on a medium format film camera which creates a perfectly square 2.25" x 2.25" negative which is significantly larger than a 35mm film camera and captures much more detail. This results stunning photos. 

Your print:

Prints are metal and come with your option of a wall float or acrylic pedestal.

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