Four Letter F Word...

There is a four letter F word you do not hear used often enough these days. It's one I have not heard my dad use for at least a decade or more, and one which I am trying to teach my kids. It is a word that I am not ashamed to use wherever I am. While I used to say it a lot when I was younger,  years went by where I did not say it at all. 

With a new found passion for this four letter F word, not a day goes by where I don't think about it. I cannot take credit for this, and I do not recall where I heard it, but film is to photography what vinyl is to music. I experience something mystical and nostalgic when I tear open a new roll of film and prepare to load it into my camera. I do not care to argue ole "digital vs film" debate, because it is truly that, old. 

I have taught myself to shoot and develop black and white film, and can find no better word to describe the experience other than "awesome". The thought that the negatives I create could potentially be found by my grandchildren, or great grandchildren 80-100 years from know is mind-boggling. Don't think so? Google Vivian Maier or click here to read about her.  

The photos below are ones I have shot and developed myself. I shoot both, traditional 35mm, as well as medium format. You can read more about the lovely medium format here and here

Anyhow- I have a new found love for this magical little substance called film, and have pure excitement every time I unravel a freshly developed strip of negatives from the roll. If you would like to chat about the awesomeness of film, of just reminisce about the process, contact me and let's meet for a brew.