2014 Favorites

I shot this while walking the streets of Madison, WI. The fine folks at Food Fight Restaurant Group contacted me about this photo which lead to some doors opening. 

I sit here sipping a fresh latte I just whipped together courtesy of a new gift; I am looking out the window thinking about how cold it will be in Rockford, IL next week- a high of 7! Do you believe that? Oh well… only 57 days to March 1st- because as I am sure you’re aware, there is a potential for 80 degrees in March. Anyhow, I digress...

As I stare out at the empty trees, barren of any leaves, I think about how crazy it is that 2015 is here. Where did 2014 go? You’d be able to tell by the number of external hard dives I have scattered about, I shot a lot in 2014 and would like to share a few of my personal favorites from the past year. 

A great night downtown Rockford. 60,000 people attended and it was a great evening. I love this photo catches the confeti the moment after the lighting of the tree. 

I love this classic headshot from late in 2014. Her grin, eyes, hat, earrings. Beautiful. 

Jason was a blast to shoot. He creates furniture and stuff with reclaimed wood and metal. This background is actually a barn door he saved and has hanging on his wall in his front frontroom. Check out some of his work on his website

I love this photo. It is more than just a photo for me. This is one of the first frames from a roll of 120 film I fed through a Hasselblad this year. Don't know what medium format film is? You can read about it here. I love this format and will be utilizing it substantially more in 2015. 

This is from a series of fish / coral photos I did for for a local hobbyist who builds living saltwater reef aqauirms. I love the colors in this photo.