I did it. Try as I might, I’ve been bit by the mirrorless bug. What’s a mirrorless camera you ask? Well it’s simply a camera without a mirror... duh! Seriously though, that's what it is. You see, traditional DSLRs (digital single lens reflex) cameras literally have a mirror in them which allows you to see through the lens. And while there have been cameras without mirrors for years, only recently have they begun to offer the quality and control I am after. This has enabled me to carry a small, high-quality camera with me more often which has allowed me to capture the following photos. 

There are many more features I a excited to explore in the mirror less world. Portraiture? You bet! Up for a session with a mirror less camera? Hit me up and let's do it! If you want to help me experiment, I'll offer you a free session!

Until next time, get out and shoot!