Hi! I'm Brian!

I’m a photographer based in Rockford, IL who has a passion for all things photography related. I also pride myself on a work ethic instilled in me by nine years of service with the United States Marine Corps. I’ve lived in California, Japan, New Orleans, and now reside in Rockford, Illinois with my lovely wife and awesome children. 

I’ve written articles for digital-photography-school.com, theanalogstory.com, and am a strong advocate and teacher of film photography. I thrive under the pressure of deadlines and love helping people. I shoot Fuji, Hasselblad, and Leica, use Apple, and I like coffee. A lot. I really like coffee. 

Unless otherwise requested, I shoot all paid work digitally. I shoot film for most of my personal work and develop rolls of film myself.

Got a project? I would love to talk with you!Let me buy you a coffee and let's meet!